How have we helped?

SPDC provides a range of activities to suit all tastes and abilities. Over the years, we have enabled hundreds of families throughout Sandwell to take part in everyday activities such as football, table tennis and athletics (to name just a few!) as well as more specialist activities such as hydrotherapy, trampoline and rebound therapy, and sensory rooms.

Our families love to take part in these activities together as it strengthens family bonds and builds positive memories, both of which help to sustain them during challenging times. One parent summed this aspect of the service up in this way:

“SPDC are helping our girls to take part in a broad range of good quality experiences and activities which are helping them to have a happier childhood and build happy memories.”

We encourage children and their families to challenge themselves by trying new activities and achieving more than they thought possible. Our families tell us that taking part in our activities increases their general feelings of well-being and confidence:

“It widens what our family can experience and each new thing we try builds our confidence to try more things. By accessing SPDC’s activities I have increased my confidence to try extra things with my family. My son has also done more things to improve his self-esteem.”

Having a disabled child in the family can sometimes be isolating, and so we are proud that the activities we run provide social opportunities for different members of the family in different ways.

“SPDC helped our son’s confidence around people and it’s helped our self-esteem as a family by getting out and meeting new people. SPDC helps us all feel welcome and not isolated.”