SPDC – Our Story

Back in 2003, a group of parents from Sandwell, frustrated at the lack of provision for play and leisure activities for their disabled children, decided to do something about it.

Those families wanted the same as everyone else – to go swimming, go bowling, go to the cinema, have days out. All things that are taken for granted by so many of us. But they were finding that, for them, things weren’t so easy. Having encountered so many problems trying to access mainstream activities, they decided to get together and start organising activities themselves, bringing families together to support each other and have some fun.

The group started with the ethos that it’s really important that families have the opportunity to spend quality time together, to strengthen bonds and build up resilience, so that when the bad times come along families are much better able to cope.

The determination and drive of these parents took the group from strength to strength and, in 2008, Sandwell Parents for Disabled Children (SPDC) was registered as a charity. Many of these original founding parents are still actively involved, and in addition, the charity now employs four dedicated and passionate members of staff.

The hard work of both parents and staff has resulted in SPDC now being seen as a leading provider of play, leisure and sporting opportunities for disabled children and their families, in Sandwell.

The motto of SPDC is ‘fun without limits’ and in the word of SPDC’s manager Diane “that sums us up perfectly”. We support families to push the boundaries, come out of their comfort zone and achieve more than they ever thought possible. It’s true to say that life is often difficult, even more so when you have a child with a disability. However, SPDC enables families to support each other, enjoy being together as a family unit, create precious memories and, most importantly, have fun!