Lewis Bowen

SPDC Activities Support Officer

I am what you could class as fairly new to the charitable sector with currently only 2 years’ experience. I have joined SPDC in October 2017 on a part time job share with my other current charity which is SAFS. I have a Batchelor of Honours Degree in Sport & Exercise Studies with two years voluntary experience of working within a gym.

One exciting thing I have been able to do, is to visit some truly eye-opening historical venues such as Auschwitz, Coliseum, Berlin Wall, Sistine Chapel & inside Buckingham Palace to name a few.

I am




As I am fairly new to SPDC I currently do not have so many memories YET!!!, however my favourite thing to witness is the smiles we put on all the children’s and parents faces and to visually see the noticeable differences we make on their days when they are with us.

My favourite superhero would have to be Thor, because let’s be honest who would not like to be able to travel through space.

If I had a superpower it would be to see into the future so I could prepare on how to deal with difficult situations or to celebrate success.